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Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)
Dye penetrant inspection (DPI),it is one of the low cost NDT technique, some people called liquid penetrant inspection (LPI) or penetrant testing (PT), this method is used to locate surface- defects like crack, pinhole, porosity in all non-porous materials (metals, ceramics, or plastics). The liquid penetrant may be applied to all ferrous and non-ferrous materials and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) also convenient for finding surface defect for ferrous materials.
Materials that are commonly inspected using LPI include the following:
- Metals (aluminum, copper, steel, titanium, etc.)
- Glass, Rubber and Plastic
- Many ceramic materials

Liquid penetrant inspection can only be used to inspect for flaws that break the surface of the sample. Some of these flaws are listed below:
- Casting defect
- Forging defect
- Welding surface defects
- Hairline cracks
- Surface porosity
- Leaks in new products
- Fatigue cracks on in-service components
- Quench cracks
- Grinding cracks
- Overload and impact fractures
- Porosity
- Laps
- Seams
- Pin holes in welds
- Lack of fusion or braising along the edge of the bond line

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