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Eddy Current Service:

A Non Destructive Testing method in which eddy-current is induced into the test object. Changes in the flow of the generated eddy-current field caused by variations in the test object are reflected into a nearby coil or coils for subsequent analysis by the eddy current instrument.

Basic Eddy Current Testing Overview

With eddy current, inspectors can detect surface and subsurface flaws. Here is some of the defects that eddy current can detect: Surface flaws:
• Stress cracking
• Fatigue cracking

Subsurface flaws:
• Stress crack
• Fatigue cracking
• Corrosion

Eddy current can also suitable for used conductivity measurements and coating thickness measurement.

We Use Nortec 500S made in Olympus, USA

We have only operator (without Level Certificate) for execute eddy current service.