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Hardness Testing Service:

Hardness Testing is a widely used method for determining hardness of materials using test methods such as Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell ,Knoop, Shore and IRHD. Portable hardness testers come in a different of types with the ability to test most metals, alloys, rubber and plastics ranging from soft polymers, steel, cast steel, alloy tool steel, grey cast iron, stainless steel, , cast aluminum, brass, bronze and wrought copper to engineering alloys designed for use in the most arduous conditions or most severe operating environments.

Model: IPX-330testers are very accurate, user-friendly and are used to identify and classify parts in stock, measure in where areas with limited access, control large or heavy parts on-site and to conduct tests during production.

We Use , Portable Hardness Tester IPX-330 Manufacturer: Bowers , China

We have skill inspector for execute our Hardness Testing service.