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Lube Oil Testing Solution:
Oil analysis is a quick, nondestructive way to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what's in the oil. Oil is the lifeblood of equipment and oil analysis provides answers to machinery health. It is as like as medical blood test, where we can confirm about our diseases from our blood.

It is an integral part of the maintenance plan for power plants, manufacturing plants, trucking co mpanies, construction equipment, aircraft, refrigeration systems, processing, chemical plants and etc.

For Oil Analysis we have the following system:
FT-IR Oil Analyzer
2. Particle Counter, Size and Shape Analyzer
3. Spectrophotometer for elemental analysis
4. Automatic Sample Processer
5. Fuel Dilution Meter (Fuel Sniffer)
6. Ferrography Laboratory for Wear Particle Analysis
7. RDE Atomic Emission Spectrometer
8. Oil Analysis Spectrometer for Predictive Maintenance
9. Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Measurement of Used and New Oil

FluidScan Q1000 (Handheld Lubricant Condition Monitoring):
Measures main oil condition parameters including:
i. Total Base Number (TBN)        ii. Total Acid Number (TAN)       iii. Oxidation       iv. Nitration
v. Sulfation                                 vi. Incorrect lubricant                  vii. Additive depletionSoot
viii. Glycol/Antifreeze
ix. Water
xi. Glycerin
xii. Fuel Dilution in Hydraulic Fluids

SpectroVisc Q3000:measurements for high accuracy kinematic viscosity.

Spectro LNF Q200 (Direct Imaging Particle Analyser):
i. Particle size distribution ii. Particle shape map
ii. Spectroil Q100: Analyse32 Elements in PPM