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Magnetic Particle Testing Product (MT/MPI/MPT):
Area of Application:
Apply for finding Surface and Subsurface defect. Materials with a significant, Iron, Nickel or, Cobalt content are generally ferromagnetic

Defect Identification For:
Welding Defect (Incomplete Fusion, Slag Inclusion, Porosity, Inadequate Joint Penetration, Under Cut) , Seams, Laps, Grinding cracks Quenching cracks ,In-service damage ,Fatigue , Overload cracks, Lamination.
MPI Product Line:
01. Electro Magnetic Yoke-7 (Made in India)
02. 7 HF Non Fluorescent Particle Bath can (Made in USA)
03. 14 AM Fluorescent Particle Bath can(Made in India)
04. White Contrast Paint(WCP-2) (Made in USA)
05. Residual Field Indicator (0-20) Gauss (Made in USA)
06. UV Black Light System ZB 100F(Made in India)
07. Digital Black Light Meter (Made in USA)
08. Magnetic Field Strength Meter(Digital Hall effect probe gauss) (Made in USA)
09. Test Bar
10. Pie Gauge
11. MPI Bench