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Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT):

Detecting Crack by makes magnetize certain area, surface and subsurface defect identification is convenient by this test. A material is considered ferromagnetic if it can be magnetized. Materials with a significant, Iron, Nickel or, Cobalt content are generally ferromagnetic.

What types of defect we can detect by use this method:
Welding Defect
- Incomplete Fusion,
- Slag Inclusion and Porosity,
- Inadequate Joint Penetration,
- Under Cut) ,
- Seams,
- Laps,
- Grinding cracks ,
- Quenching cracks ,
- In-service damage ,
- Fatigue ,
- Overload cracks,
- Lamination

Advantages of Magnetic Particle Inspection:
- You can detect both, surface and near sub-surface defects.
- Can inspect parts with irregular shapes easily.
- Pre cleaning is not mandatory for this inspection.
- You can visualize surface defect very first.
- Considered low cost compared to any other NDT methods.
- This very portable equipments and efficiency will higher when used DC power.

:We have DPT Level-II skill inspector for execute our DPT service.

Magnetic Particle Testing Products:
1. Magnetic Yoke
2. Magnetic Particle Magnetic Bench
3. Black Light (UV)
4. Residual Field Indicator/ Pie Gauge
5. Black Ink (7HF)
6. White Contrast Paint(WCP)
7. Fluorescent Bath (14 AM)