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Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT):

Phased array Ultrasonics (PA) is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing that has applications in medical imaging and industrial nondestructive testing.Conventional UT used single element transducer Phased array system use multi element transducer. So PA scanning speed is very faster and accurate than conventional.

• Inspection of Welds
• Thickness measurements
• Corrosion inspection
• Flaw detection
• Detect hidden cracks
• Voids
• Porosity
• Other internal discontinuities in metals
• Composites, glass, plastics, and ceramics, as well as to measure thickness with imaging flaw detection
• Analyze material properties

We Use Advanced Ultrasonic Phased Array, EPOCH 1000i and OmniScan Made in Olympus, USA

We have UT Level-II skill inspector for execute our UT service.