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Remote Visual Inspection (RVI):
Remote means easy inaccessible, where you cannot reach by naked eye. Some tools will help you look remote zoon where you desire to look without open or disassemble or destroy.

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technique used to detect and examine a variety of visible flaws; such as corrosion, cracks, contamination, structural integrity, and other discontinuities. Remote visual inspections also often provide supplemental information for select other NDT methods.Remote Visual Inspection is by far the most common inspection technique relative than other.

Visual Testing (VT) is usually the first choice of any sequential inspection as it offers an immediate and less costly approach as compared to other NDT methods. Area of Application:
- Gas,Steam & Wind turbines
- Compressor
- Combustion chamber
- Heat Exchanger
- Boiler / Condenser
- Valves
- Pressure vessel
- Electrical generators & transformers
- Sanitary piping & tubing
- Boiler water piping & components
- Nuclear reactor heads, reactor coolant pumps, demineralizers, containment structure, & other components
- Piping systems such as service water, coal handling, oil, , steam, boiler, feed water, & other piping
- Condenser, feed water heaters, steam generators, & other heat exchangers

- Foreign material search & retrieval
- Surveillance, covert Operations, search & rescue tasks etc.

Objet for Borescopic Inspection:
Find the welding defect of Discolor , Groove , Undercut ,Crack ,Porosity, Incomplete Penetration , Concavity , Convexity , Excess Penetrate , Nick Dents, Scratches, Corrosions. Cracks, Erosion, Discoloration of turbine, pipe blockage, visualize remote area.

Tools: We have two Industrial Videoscope for RVI Service
i. IPLEL SA II ii. IPLEX UltrLite
Made in Olympus Corporation, Japan
Inspector: We have Level-II skill inspector for execute our RVI service.