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Tube Inspection System MS5800 :

Eddy Currents are most effectively used to check for cracking located at the surface and sub-surface of metals such as tubes. A number of main areas have been identified where cracking occurs are Eddy current inspections form a vital part of checking power plant for the cracks and faults that can lead to serious accidents. As many of the cracks appearing in power plant are fatigue induced and thus surface - breaking, it is important to employ eddy current inspection methods in order to detect them.

MultiScan5800 have following four type of test facility.
1. Eddy Current
2. Magnetic Flux Leakage
3. Remote Field
4. IRIS Ultrasound

Area of Application MultiScan5800:
1. Condensers
2. Feed water heaters
3. Heat exchangers
4. Air conditioners

Eddy current technique is suitable for detecting and sizing metal discontinuities such as
1. Corrosion
2. Erosion
3. Wear
4. Pitting
5. Baffle cuts
6. Wall loss, and cracks