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Ultrasonic Thickness Gages:
Thickness Gagging is a very common use method of Non Destructive Test (NDT). We are able to supply large range of the thickness gages includes a wide range and features are available for the enhanced gage performance. Ultrasonic thickness gauges can be measure virtually most materials such as the plastics, metals, metal composites, rubber and internally corroded materials.
Ultrasonic Thickness Gages:
1. Ultrasonic Thickness Gage (With Coating Thickness Measurement Option)
2. Ultrasonic Corrosion Thickness Gage (Made in USA)
3. Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gage
4. Ultrasonic Bond Tester
5. Pet Bottle Thickness Gage
6. Thickness Gage Transducer/Probes and Accessories