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Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing Service:

Vibration is the first indication of a machine's health. Of all the predictive maintenance (PM) technologies, vibration analysis is the best measure of machine health. Vibration can alert us to so many different conditions that may indicate potential machine failures

Area of Application:
Turbine and Generator
Pump, Motor,Gear
FD Fan and ID Fan

Type of Application:
-Routine Vibration Analysis, -Leaser Shaft Alignment, -Dynamic Mass Balancing -Bum Test -Motor Current Analysis -Transient Analysis -Over Speed Protection System

-For Vibration Analysis we have the following system
-Portable Vibration Meter
-Portable Vibration Analysis System
-12/24 Channel Vibration Analyzer
-Online Vibration Monitoring System (Protection and Prediction Rack)
-Dynamic Balancing System
-Laser Alignment System
-Over Speed Protection System
-Wireless Transmitter (Vibration, Pressure, Temp, Cavity, PH, Flow, Level etc.)
-Field Communicator
-Motor Current Analysis System
-Vibration Strobe Light
-Analysis Software (AMS-Suite)

We Use Portable Vibration Analyzer, CSI 2130 and 2140 Made in Emerson Process Management, USA

We Use IR Thermograph Camera Fluke Ti 32 made in Olympus, USA

We have Level-I skill Vibration Analyst for execute our Vibration Analysis and Balancing service.