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XRF X-Ray Fluorescence/Pmi (Positive Materials Identifier):
XRF means X-ray fluorescence. XRF is the emission of characteristic "secondary" (or fluorescent) X-ray from a material that has been excited by bombarding with high-energy X-rays.

Material tracking and confirmation is critical to the production and maintenance of petrochemical processing and power generation facilities. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are used for incoming material confirmation, safety assurance.
XRF DELTA series provides highly specific material chemistry to rapidly and accurately identify pure metals and alloy grades including following and more
01.Aluminum Alloy
02. Chrome-moly steel
03.Cobalt Alloys
04. Copper Alloys
05.Exotic Alloys
06.Magnesium Alloys
07. Nickel Alloys
08. Nickel- Cobalt Alloys
09. Precious Metals
10. Stainless Steels
11. Tool Steels
13. Titanium Alloys
14. Wrought Aluminum Alloys
15. Zinc Alloys
16. Zirconium Alloys

Capable to Element Detection:
P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, V, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga, As, Se, Br, Rb, Sr, Zr, Mo, Cd, Ag, Sn, Sb, Hg, Tl, Pb, Ba

We provide handheld for XRF for following segment:
01. DELTA Alloys & Metals Handheld XRF Analyzers
02. DELTA Consumer Safety & RoHS Handheld XRF Analyzers
03. DELTA Research & Discovery Handheld XRF Analyzers
04. DELTA Environmental Handheld XRF Analyzers
05. DELTA Lead Based Paint Handheld XRF Analyzers
06. DELTA Mining and Geochemistry Handheld XRF Analyzers
07. DELTA Precious Metals Handheld XRF Analyzers
08. DELTA Scrap Sorting Handheld XRF Analyzers